Teen Family Support Programs

Since 1830, Inwood House has been the only organization in New York City focused primarily on comprehensively serving the needs of pregnant and parenting teens.

Teen parents have statistics stacked against them in almost all areas of development. For example, the stats show that less than 2 percent of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30.

Our programs meet young mothers and fathers where they are, providing care, tools and support to help them overcome the statistics and build a successful life for themselves and their babies.

Focusing on strengths and using innovative tools to empower, our residential and foster care programs offer comprehensive care – including education, employability and mental health services – for teen mothers who are in foster care, homeless, or adjudicated. Our fathers count program provides services and a safe space for teen dads.


  • Teen Family Learning Center provides a home, community, services and support for teen moms in foster care & their babies – in Manhattan
  • Victory House provides a home, community, services and support for young women who are runaway or homeless pregnant and parenting moms and their babies – in the Bronx
  • Mother-Child Foster Care recruits, places & supports teen moms and their foster parents to help both provide stable, nurturing homes and permanent family connections – throughout New York
  • Fathers Count program for the fathers offers mentorship, career development, academic support, peer-to-peer community building
  • Passport to Parenting (P2P) is an Inwood House-led collaboration using our best practices to support pregnant and parenting teens in non-residential foster care with our partners, Forestdale Inc. & Graham Windham

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