What We Do

For close to 200 years we’ve used innovation to empower youth living in poverty.

Our programs focus on teen pregnancy prevention and teen family services.

Our work is data-informed and focused on meeting teens where they are to build their futures with them. We measure progress closely and innovate responsively to create safe, supportive and non-judgmental environments where teenagers can thrive.

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Our goal is to help teens with support, resources and tools to help them clarify their values, achieve a sense of self-worth and make responsible choices so they can:

  • Take charge of their lives
  • Be positive, active members of their families, communities & society
  • Lead and be examples to other young people.

Inwood House believes in young people and their potential – no matter their circumstances. We build whole teens with programs that support the development of their:

  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Employability
  • Health
  • Family Relationships
  • Network of Support
  • Personal Goals & Talents
  • Parenting Skills
  • Baby Health & Well-being

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