What to Look for if I Want to Buy a Travel System Stroller

Travel systems make your trips easy if you are an on-the-go parent because you no longer have to buy the baby auto situate and stroller separately.

There are several variations of travel system strollers, and these depend on the quality, price, design, and features. Of these variations, there are three main classifications of a travel system and these include:

Complete Stroller System – It is the best lightweight and most flexible stroller on which you can confidently place your infant.

Double System Stroller – If you have two babies, then the double stroller travel system has got you covered! It comes with two seats of similar features on which you can place your babies.

Stroller Frame System – This travel system is perfect for you if you only wish to carry your children. They feature the highest quality materials, and they are lightweight.

Travel System Stroller Features to Look For

So you want to purchase a travel system stroller? The fact that you are here means that the answer is yes.
A travel system stroller comes in two options; either buy a car seat that connects with an adapter then attach your stroller or purchase a pair.

Option One: Buy a Stroller and a Car Seat as a Single Purchase

By purchasing your stroller and infant car seat together as a single unit will help save you approximately $60-$100. In this case, you should ensure that you love both the car seat and the stroller.
Depending on the size of your little one or their speed of growth, they will soon outgrow the infant car seat and shift to a convertible car seat. The stroller, on the other hand, will remain a handy tool throughout their entire toddlerhood.

It is, therefore, very important that you get a stroller that you are completely satisfied with in terms of its duration and length of use.

When it comes to safety, the car seat takes the higher stakes.

Option Two: Purchase Both the Car Seat and Stroller Separately then Connect Using an Adapter

Imagine a situation where your favorite car seat and ideal stroller are both from a different manufacturer. In such a case, you do not have to compromise.

In such a case, only purchase a car seat adapter and use it to combine your two preferred units! The price of car seat adapters ranges between $10 and $80.

Now that you have some information regarding what a travel system stroller is and the types that there are, let us proceed to discuss the features that you need to look out for before making your purchase:

How Heavy is the Travel System?

If you do some sort of jogging with your little one, then you might want to go for a light stroller. There are strollers designed for jogging purposes that are less than 20 pounds. In a situation where you just want some ordinary strolling with your infant, then the weight will not make much of a difference.

Is the Weight of the Travel System Adjustable?

If you are remarkably short or tall, then a travel system that has height adjustments will come in handy. It tends to be quite uncomfortable if you have to stand in a clumsy manner for you to push your stroller.

The good thing is that most modern travel system strollers incorporate the height adjustment feature so you will not have a hard time getting one.

The Size of the Storage Basket

Most strollers come with a capacity bin on the bottom side or in the back. However, these bins tend to be too tiny such that fitting an item in them becomes a hassle.

A large storage basket comes with a lot of comfort for you as a parent. Unless you are willing to juggle with all the bags that you need while pushing the stroller, then you should go for a stroller that has a large storage basket.

The capacity should be sufficient to fit enough diapers, baby wipes, and any other baby essentials for the journey.

The Type of Wheels

Travel System Strollers feature an assortment of wheel positions and sports. There are the three-wheeler and the standard four-wheel stroller. Most of the three wheel strollers are lightweight and are perfect for running.
You should also check whether the wheels are swelled up or hard like the bicycle tires. Swelled up tires provide a motion that is much less demanding especially on an unpleasant terrain.
Expanded wheels tend to be a bit much, and they work best on a lush landscape. They do not do well on rough terrain.

Ease of use of the Travel System Stroller

Do you have to play around with a collection of levers and catches to make conformities on the stroller or get your tyke out of it? If this is the case, then that could be an issue!
The more the components of the travel system, then the greater its likelihood to destroy or stop functioning properly. One catch locking and one discharge components are sufficient to facilitate proper functioning and durability.

The Travel System’s Weight Capacity

Some strollers have security control of 23 pounds. The implication, in this case, is that in a case where your infant grows too fast, then you might have to shift to another stroller sooner than you intended. The best travel system stroller has a weight limit of at least 30 pounds.

The Price of the Travel System Stroller

Finally, the price of the travel system is another essential factor to keep in mind. You do not have to purchase the most expensive unit that there is. The best thing to do is to create a list of the feature that you need and then do your research for the best offer available for the same.

Well, I will admit that getting the perfect travel system stroller is sometimes expensive and/or confusing. However, the moment you are in a position to transfer your little one from one transportation mode to another without having to wake them up, then you will appreciate the system.
Parenthood is an adventure, and a travel system stroller only makes it more exciting. Enjoy every bit of it!

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