Things You May Not Know About Pampers Diapers

Pampers diapers are some of the most popular in the world. Despite their popularity, not many mothers understand why these pampers may or may not be ideal for their babies since not all babies are the same.

Babies who are sensitive to certain materials may not be comfortable in some types of Pampers diapers. However, most babies will be fine with it. If you are wondering if pampers diapers are the best for your baby, then the following are the most important things to know about Pampers diapers.

Pampers Diapers
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Different Pampers Diapers Differ in Absorbency

There are different types of Pampers diapers, each with specific stretch, softness, and absorbency. They include:

Pampers Swaddlers

These Pampers diapers have a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue to let you know when to change the diaper. This indicator is helpful for new parents who aren’t familiar with the frequency at which a baby experiences bowel movement.
Pampers Swaddlers are available in newborn and preemie sizes and have adjustable fasteners and stretchy sides for extra comfort. There is a cutout around the umbilical cord to prevent contact and help aerate the area for faster healing.

Pampers Extra Protection

Just as its name suggests, Pampers Extra Protection is designed to offer better absorbency and comfort than normal pampers. The green Ultra Absorb material under the top sheet can absorb more yet remain dry and comfortable. It is ideal for long trips or overnight use.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry has three layers of absorbent material compared to 2 layers in normal pampers. Its UltraAbsorb core boasts of better protection day and night.
Just like Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry also comes with a color-changing wetness indicator that enables mothers to know when to change their babies.

Pampers Cruisers

These pampers are ideal for babies who are learning how to walk. The sides consist of stretchy fabric that allows more flexibility and easy movement.
They also have a contoured fit around the legs to give your baby more freedom to crawl or walk. Additionally, their design provides less bulk through the legs.

Pampers Easy Ups Trainers

If your child has started potty training, then Pampers Easy Ups Trainers are the right diapers to purchase. They come with a patented wet sensation liner which is essential in letting your baby know when it is time to go potty.

Pampers UnderJams Night Wear

These Pampers diapers feel much more like normal underwear but provide much protection and comfort.
Their design features super-stretchy sides, and they come in different versions -for boys and girls. Although they have a thin absorbent core, it works perfectly when it is needed. This thin core also enables you to pack many diapers in your diaper bag.

They have a special fragrance

If you ever try opening a diaper from another brand, you will notice that the scent is quite different from pampers.
While other diapers have a plastic or chemical-like smell, Pampers diapers have a low level soft baby-fresh scent. The scent is carefully selected to ensure that they are non-irritating and non-allergenic.

They have a super-absorbent gel

Pampers diapers have a super-absorbent gel as the core component of the diapers which is essential in absorbing wetness and keeping the baby dry.
While this gel is dry and granular, it absorbs liquid and prevents wetness from reaching your baby’s skin. Not only will your baby be dry, but the clothes won’t be wet too.

They are available up to size 7

Unlike many other brands, Pampers is available up to size 7. The smallest size is the Preemie, that is meant for premature babies while its largest size, size 7, comes in either Cruisers or Underjams.

They boast of 35% market share worldwide

While pampers isn’t an uncommon name in households, it is surprising that it only has a market penetration of about 35%. Its parent group, P&G is experiencing stiff competition from the Huggies brand, which boasts of about 22% of the market share.

It is available in more than 50 countries

Pampers diapers are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. While the branding is the same, the type of Pampers inside might differ from one country to the next. Pampers disputes claim that it offers substandard products in developing countries. Despite these claims, it is the dominant brand in many developing countries.
In the US, some stores don’t stock pampers diapers for marketing reasons.

They have color, not dye

According to the official pampers diapers website, these diapers are designed with colors to make them look and feel more cloth-like. These colors are not dyes. They are pigments which are common in other consumer products including food packaging and contact lenses.

P&G only deal in disposable diapers

Many parents are in a dilemma when it comes to disposable vs. reusable diapers. The information available is scanty, and none of it seems to give a clear winner between the two. The lack of information is for a reason -companies that produce disposable diapers aren’t the same ones that specialize in reusable diapers.

P&G, the parent company of Pampers diapers, deals in disposable diapers and that is why they provide a lot of information to show disposables are better than reusable. All pampers diapers are disposables.

They are cheaper in bulk

Diapers are expensive in the long run. If you are keen on saving, the best way to purchase Pampers diapers is in bulk. This way you will get them at a lower price. You can also find pampers coupons online that you can use while shopping for more savings.

If you are thinking of purchasing pampers diapers, then the information above should come in handy. These pampers are renown worldwide and used by many people. However, there are equally good brands or even better ones that you can find. If you think your requirements align with the features offered by pampers diapers as explained in this post, then they are the best choice for you.

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