Summer Infant 3D Lite Review 2020 – Facts You Need to Know

For many years, strollers have been one of the most comfortable methods to carry our children from point A to point B. But said strollers can turn into a real headache in specific circumstances, especially if you have to carry them around.

Fortunately, you can prevent that horrible situation from happening by getting yourself what many people call an umbrella stroller. What do they do? They offer a mechanism that can fold down quickly, allowing you to carry the stroller easily, very much like how an umbrella works.

The Summer 3D Lite Convenient Stroller is one of those easy-to-carry strollers. Here, we’ll learn more about how it works and why it would be a good addition to your household.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Review – What Does It Offer?

With only 13 pounds, this stroller is a convenient baby carrier that you can fold down on the go. Two of the benefits provided by the aluminum frame construction are the lightweight and the high-durability, which makes the stroller a long-term investment.

There are some considerations to keep in mind while using the stroller, though. For example, it’s not a jogging stroller, meaning that it won’t do well over rough surfaces. On the other hand, using it over sidewalks and aisles is no problem.

The internal mechanism features the 5-Point harness and a reclining seat easy to handle. You’ll notice that the reclining system goes nearly flat, which is a surprise, considering that most of the strollers that offer that option are far more expensive.

However, the reclining system is not perfect. Even though it will go almost flat, the seat doesn’t go completely upright. We’ll talk about this issue later.

As for the 5-Point harness, it will allow you to change the height settings to accommodate the baby as they grow. Don’t worry, though. Thanks to the additional padding, the baby will have the comfort they need even at an older age.

Finally, the canopy and sun visor are worth mentioning too. They’re far from innovative features, but we’re glad they’re there nonetheless.

With high-quality padding and a fully reclining system, this stroller places itself among the best for children and parents. The low price is yet another reason why parents shouldn’t dismiss it.

Why Should You Get It?

What are some other good features provided by this stroller? Let us list them in this section.

Easy to Fold

Folding the stroller is a three-step process that you can do even when you’re on the streets. You have to do nothing more than lift the rear handle, use your foot to push the lever, and then fold the stroller down.

It is an easy, fast, and highly convenient folding process when you have to enter high-traffic areas such as the subway or the airport. The carry strap is another one of the seat’s benefits, as it allows you to grab the stroller and move it around. Due to its lightweight, it won’t feel like a burden either.

Storage and Rear Pocket

Regardless of how hard the brands try, the bottom storage and rear pockets don’t feel like they’re enough most of the time. Naturally, there are some exceptions, and this stroller is one good example.

What you may like the most about these compartments is that you can put plenty of items inside. Surprisingly, the frame of the stroller is capable of putting up with the weight, and there are low chances it will fall over its sides.


This stroller is available at a considerably low price, which means that most parents will have access to it.

Fully Reclining Seat

It won’t sit upright, but the seat does go fully reclined. Whether the baby is asleep or resting, they should have the comfort they need to enjoy their time.

Precautions Before Buying This Product

Despite all of its good features, there are some downsides to buying this stroller. Here are the most noticeable ones.

Not Suitable for Rough Terrains

Understandably so, strollers are not the most comfortable baby carriers when you’re going through tough terrains. On plain surfaces, you should be good, but it’s very frustrating when the ground is not even because it will shake uncontrollably. That’s not fun for anyone involved, parent or baby.

Again, a shaky ride over rough surfaces is a regular problem even for the best strollers, but it isn’t any less disappointing either way.

The Seat Won’t Sit Completely Upright

Regardless of how much you try, the seat of the stroller is not capable of sitting in an upright position. It will always be in an angled direction, which is not bad, but the baby can get tired of it eventually.

Of course, you can try other methods by yourself, which should allow you to put the seat in an upright position. But, even if you do, the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t add this option during the stroller’s production is frustrating.

Parents shouldn’t have to go to extreme lengths to set the seat in a completely upright position.

Forget about the Cup Holder

The cup holder is way too unstable. If you want to take a drink with you, you better find another place for the cup, or the beverage may end up spilling everywhere.


For the money, you won’t really find many alternatives as good as this stroller. It has nothing to envy of the most popular brands, and it performs almost as good as, say, the Maclaren strollers, with some slight differences, of course.

Sure, it is not perfect, but the Summer Infant 3DLite Convenience Stroller delivers pretty much everything it promises. The children get a comfortable padded seat, and the parents receive a convenient stroller that allows them to handle different situations, even in the streets.

The only advice would be to stay off the incompatible terrains. If you stick to sidewalks and proper streets, the wheels won’t fail you at all, and the baby will have their resting time.

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