39 Legit and Easy Stay At Home Jobs

1. Blogging

Do you want to learn consistent earning by just doing daily things that you already in love with? Blogging is perfect for you then.It’s easy to do but the earning will grow gradually.What is this actually? You have to have a website where you will discuss about something that you are really knowledgeable of and people has interest on it. After a while, doing some organic promotions, your blog will be visited by interested or like minded people. Then you need to monetize your blog to get paid by advertisers or similar. Going over the head? Watch this video to get things very clear.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTVxEjBagSINow that you are clear to you that blogging is perfect for you or not, what’s next? Let me tell you something before you think blogging is not your part. millions of people earning through blogging successfully. You know why? Because they took blogging as their passion, struggle hard for at least a year and boom.So, if you are thinking about earning quick cash, blogging is not for you. But if you are thinking about your future, blogging is the best thing to do right now.What to do now? Follow all the resources below:Articles to Read

Blogs to follow

YouTube Channels to follow

Books to read

Apps to use

Courses will help you

Forums to follow

Facebook groups to join

Pinterest pins

Popular reddit groups



2. Freelancing Websites

You ever looked into a freelancing website? You might’ve or not. But the thing is you should. If you’re giving some serious thought towards making money from online, freelancing websites are the best places to check in.

Ask me for suggestion; I strongly refer you to work as an employee under someone successful in your preferred form of business first. It provides you valuable ideas and experiences.

Now, assume- When an online T-shirt designing company needs virtual assistants for their order fulfillment, revenue calculation, product photography, uploads etc procedures, they advertise on freelancing websites for recruiting.

They may offer you $2-$3 per hour. This is your chance. Grab the deal at once what is suitable.

You might be thinking the jobs here can be hard for you. Actually, there is no limit in the diversification of work types here. You can be paid for simple job like linking through excels sheets or people may even hire you just for waking them up and talk to them for a while with a payment of $10 per minute. Who knows! Can you imagine that? Isn’t that absolutely amazing!

If the note above has inspired you that you can and you will, you’re now wondering about where to look at. What’re your best options to start at? Umm! There’re many such websites like upwork.com, fiverr.com etc.

  1. www.upwork.com
  2. www.fiverr.com
  3. www.seoclerks.com
  4. https://www.peopleperhour.com

Working at fiverr.com is quite funny and convenient. All you have to do is posting your skills on site and clients will automatically find you. Here, you receive payment before starting work. In case of upwork.com, the payment comes after the job is done.

But there’s zero chance of fraudulent. Site keeps money stored in advance from client and delivers to the freelancer after submission of task.

Lastly, if you want to know more, visit youtube channels, sites etc. There’re many who are very helpful. And don’t forget the comments under posts. Those are most informative.

Blogs to Follow:

  1. digitalfreelancer.io

3. Article Selling Sites

Do you own a lucrative writing style?  If you do, then this is an eye-opening for you about how much this skill can pay you off!

There’re many big online market places where articles are being bought and sold. Highly paid article writers are hired through these sites where they sell their articles to clients. These sites are what we call article selling sites.

Now, the question is how you sign in these sites?

First, you face interviews where in order to pass through, you must give proof of your writing skills. Based on what you’ll be provided with a writing profile on site. People follow your work via your profile and give feedback to your contents.

Your clients are able to give reviews to contents you wrote for them. If you write well, you’ll be provided with good reviews from your clients and when you fail to do up to the mark, you’ll get bad reviews from them. That is how it works.

Native writing and native speaking, these two are required for article writing. For example- Many Nigerian or Pilipino people are well native writer as they can write English well. But they are not native speaker. Native speaker are those whose mother tongue is English by born such as- people born in USA are native speakers.

Why don’t you check out these sites?

These above sites are some of the biggest content selling markets where you should build your profile. Decorate your profile with samples of your works to catch big clients. If you are an expertise on writing articles on topics related to such as- home appliances, workout techniques, food habits, recipe, interior decoration etc, you should put on some samples of contents on those grounds in your profile.

Clients, who like your writing, will offer you to write for them. Get in a deal with them fixing how much you’ll charge on every thousand words. You’ll be paid off after the article is done. There is no chance of fraud at all. So, why are you waiting? Give it a go.

4. Sell Article Writing Service via Facebook

Suppose, you are an excellent content writer and you need client. I suggest you lending service via facebook.  You’ll be astonished to know clients with hurricane of work for you are lurking all over facebook. It’s up to you how fast you’ll hunt them down. This is a new trend for content writers that you want to embrace.

Question arises, “Where exactly can I find clients?”

It’s easy, my friend. Simply go through facebook groups where big fishes may hang out. You’ve heard about Amazon affiliation, right? What happens there? Website marketers advertise for products that aren’t actually theirs.

Huge contents are being created every moment for their advertise purpose. Those people are your clients. They hire many like you if worthy. Find them fast; spot those facebook groups where they hang at.

List the groups like Cloud Living Community or Cloud Living People etc on your top priority. Join them and put together a good showdown of your skills including your specialties. For example- you own 2-3 kids; you know lot about babies. That is your specialty, expose it to them.

It is not obvious you’ll get an instant feedback or tornado of work waving towards you. Or you may even get that instantly, who knows? But if you don’t, have patience.

Since there are oceans of work in these sector, clients hire many such you at the same time, there are huge chances that they’ll remember you and contact you when needed.

Some Facebook Groups

Article Writers Hub Kenya

Article Writer

5. Drop shipping

You ever imagined doing business without keeping inventories? Not just that, you also don’t need delivery cost or labor. You think I’m bluffing? No! If you don’t know about it yet, I’m talking about drop shipping. This trending online business model has evolved through recent years to be the most famous and easiest business for online beginners.

What is drop shipping?

To explain that, I’ll put an example in front you. Zakir is a clever Bengali drop shipper. He sells watches online to USA citizens. He sources his products from alibaba.com, a Chinese site that only 10%-15% Americans know about.

The twist is he doesn’t actually buy products in the first place. Instead, he buys only after someone has placed an order. What he had to do for that? Simple! Zakir has already developed his own website where details of his watches are put and he also promotes the watches on facebook using that exact website link.

Now, if a customer orders on his site, Zakir also place an order on alibaba.com. And guess what? Where instead of his own address, he give Alibaba the same address that his customer provided him! Following that he forbids them passing any receipt.

That’s the trick! You don’t bear any inventory or delivery cost. Yet you make remarkable profit. All you need is the advertising cost which you must pay facebook. But trust me, in comparison to your profit, this is nothing.

Just choose your product carefully and give highest priority to the trending products on Alibaba. Market is yours to take, man.

YouTube Channels to Follow:

Franklin Hatchett

Dan Dasilva

Free Dropshipping Training


Paid Training


6. Selling Images

If you are good at photography, there is great possibility that you can earn $20-$250 just by selling a single capture by you. There’re massive online image selling sites like shutter stock photos and istock photos where you should look for clients.

Are you aiming at low volume? Then, go for sites like istockphoto. For details, search on you tube. That’ll serve you right.

What happens in these sites?

You upload and exhibit your photos to the clients on site and they buy it for their use. Sometimes, your clients are iconic companies or magazines such as New York Times. They simply buy the copyright of your image from you and use it for their purpose.

That’s it. Capture and Upload. Client will find you automatically. Easy money!

Helpful Articles

How to Sell Your Photos Online for More Cash with Less Work

7. Selling Marketing Services

Do you want to build a successful career? But, avoid the pressure of daily office schedule? If you bear well, significant knowledge on online marketing, then yes, you can.

I’ll tell you what you are going to do. But before that, you must visit this site first [outreachmama.comhttps://rankclub.io/].

I guess you got some grip on it now. Haven’t you? This is a site that does online marketing for other company’s sites. That means, it works on putting a company’s website on top of search results.

Now, get to work. Build a same kind of site, promote it and use your skill to take it on top of the search results and when it is done, share your ideas, techs, methods on the same exact site of yours. Expose them on social networking groups where thousands of marketers hangout.

Make them understand what you did for your site, can also be done for theirs or even more. That will do the magic! Big firms will rush into your site. You’ll be hired by many of them.

8. Selling Services into Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com, a service provider oriented site, involves a basic function which is just opposite of upwork.com or elance.com. How? Here, instead of client, you, the service provider get to attract clients toward you.

Let’s assume, you’re an excellent translator of Spanish to French or you’re good at writing articles in English or you can design logos, t-shirt etc or anything. Share it on fiverr.com and name the amount against your service.

So, whenever clients need designers or article writers or translator or any kind of service, they search, contact and hire those who are best fit to their requirement. You can be hired. Your offer can be taken by someone at anytime.

Put your hopes up. The payments start from $5. Eventually, there are jobs where you can earn up to $1000!

Have a tour to the site Fiverr.com.

9. Get Paid for Product Review

If I tell you that I’ll give you my product full free for use followed by handsome cash pay, will you believe me? You should. Cause, that’s happening over past years in online review service.

You think, you are a good reviewer? Start your own sites or channel, put more and more reviews on them and when you reach innumerous followers, companies will chase you. You can also accomplish this by other social networking sites such as tweeters, facebook, youtube or instagram.

For example, if you are a big fish on instagram, got tons of followers, give reviews that they follows, then companies will hire you, provide you their product. Use them and give it a shout out. That’ll make your pocket heavy. You can do the same if you got a website that covers reviews.

Ever heard of Amazon reviewers? Search it now. Your mind will be blown seeing how many possibilities for you are lying there.

Amazon Top Customer Reviewers

10. Become a Call Centre Agent

An internet connection followed by some free time, which is all you need to make money now. Build your profile as a freelancer call centre agent. For that, LinkedIn can be your best desired place.

Search for it there and see it for yourself. Aside from upwork.com, fiverr.com etc, there are many other sites of this kind you can find on Google that offer you such jobs.

Let me be more specific to you. Large companies like facebook hire third parties for taking care of their customer service issues. Those third parties are your target. Get in. Make them hire you by building your profile in a mesmerizing way.

This is a convenient job which gives you both easy money and flexibility of work.

11. Selling Online Course

For this business, first of all, exhibit a strong content marketing. Here, your course is the content. Just being a good tutor or trainer won’t make trainees run towards you. Establish a strong base for achieving that. I’m showing you how. Follow these steps I’m telling you.

Before everything, prove yourself to your target people. Interact on social media, open you tube channel, create groups and influence them. What I’m asking you is, create a large fan base of both you and your work. They are your jackpot.

After getting in the business, unroll analytical data of how effective your works are becoming and also expose the amount of positive responses those are getting. Promote yourself again and again in a legit way which people can’t resist.

One more thing, before getting in the field; calculate your possible revenue. Be careful at that, any mistake in forecast can cut down your profit massively.

Dog Training

Internet Marketing

12. Sell Jewelries on Etsy

Etsy.com is a worldwide popular e-commerce platform which is often compared to iconic authorities like Walmart or Best Buy. There is hardly any product you can’t find in it. But that’s not our theme.

Let’s focus on the fact that huge possibilities for you are lying there in jewelry business. You can use Etsy’s platform for selling jewelries which brought remarkable success to many. I’m assuming you bought my word and you’re in.

But, source?

You got to adapt two ways. Firstly, channel jewelries from Ali express, put those in your site and promote on social media and Secondly, when you start being heavy on revenue, switch your channel from Alibaba where you are able to buy any quantity at a few times lower cost than Ali express. Receive the shipment, pack them or get them packed and send it to your clients. That’s it. Classic business!

For first stage, aside from Ali express, you can also source from eBay, Lightinthebox or taobao.com. These retails cost you higher in the first stage. That’s the reason why you switch your previous retail vendors to wholesalers of Alibaba’s. This switch towards new vendors immediately reduces the loss on inventory.

Need further instruction? Go through search engines and social Medias. Let not the ideas get wasted. Just remember, customers won’t jump on every product you through at them. Choosing product carefully is most crucial for your profiting.

Stay sharp and cunning like a fox, lead yourself to the top.

Watch below video and do not forget to subscribe her channel.

13. Dropship on eBay

Turn your spirit on, reader. This sensational business idea can change your online business experience forever. After Amazon affiliation, dropshipping on eBay is the second most wanted business all over the world. You want to build up online oriented business career? Put this on top of your chart.

Dropshipping on eBay is quite same as dropshipping. But here, instead of your own website, you market product on eBay. The channel for your goods is those same Chinese sites. Let me tell you why. Go in eBay and Alibaba both. See, there are minimum gap between prices put below products.

For sure, Alibaba has the lower price and the difference is a little but yet it’s profitable enough for you if you got stunning skills. At first, order trending products from Alibaba and put ads on eBay.

Now, you before possess two options. Either you ship them directly from China to client’s destination devoid of shipping cost or you get it in your place first; then forward it. I must inform you there is lower profit in first option.

As delivery from China usually takes 12-21 days, the price is drained to lower and so is the profit. On the other hand, delivery by you serves you with superb profit. Since, it is possible to delivery within a short time of 5-10 days; you can push the price to the highest.

For example- the product you buy at $1 from Alibaba is sold at $9-$12 in the later option. Question arises, “Is that enough for me after marketing and shipping cost?” Yes, it is more than enough.

Now listen to me very carefully, it’s a crucial matter that you hide shipping cost under the overall price. That means, tell the clients your product is full free of shipping charges. See what this tiny trick does! And how this slight convenience hunts clients down!

14. Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is an Amazon based online business model where you source your product at low cost from other sites and sent it to Amazon’s warehouse. To get listed, put on your product adds on Amazon. When people come to Amazon searching for your product, your product appears in front them.

That’s it! No, that’s not just it. Product quality and marketing, they are the main focus of importance for you here. Not every product goes viral on Amazon. Besides, lemon products don’t really survive long. So, choose the trending product making sure of well quality and endurance.

Thinking about source, right? Again, there are alibaba.com, eBay, taobao.com and many such sites where you must go look at. This is a big thing to cover in a single article; you must still lack confidence. Go through these online training sessions below.

Learn from the videos of real marketers. Boost up your confidence level.

Finally, determine the price. Keep the difference between cost and price from at least $10 to as much as you can. Question is, how much profit you can grab, man? That depends purely on your marketing skill.

Again I’m saying, adapt a legit way, put more and more emphasize on marketing. Then wait & see how fast your basket gets filled.

15. JvZoo

The website above is a worldwide popular market place for selling software. Are you a developer? Or you just want to earn money by selling software? I’m confidently assuring you JvZoo is the best place for your start. Let me explain how you get a proper entry.

Basically, there are two models. Number 1, where you promote other’s software and number 2 is selling your own ones. You can’t just jump into the second model skipping number one.

Believe me; enter in selling business only after you make enough revenue from promoting others. Otherwise, things may get messy for you. To learn more about these models in specific, this low cost online course below helps you from start to end.


Brett Rutecky is a talented and successful top affiliate of JvZoo who started promoting at first and then brought online his own developed ones. Follow him; get a broader idea about what his formula was for reaching this height. Go there-[Click Here]

Now, concentrate on the final, yet the most important fact of all. “How you hit the bonanza of sale?” A YouTube channel and a website are must which you should perform in regularly. Build enough trust among your fan base; hypnotize them as if they follow your each opinion blindly.

Also, stay in good contact with sellers which leads them giving you free trial version to use and review; promote them among fans and strongly influence them for buying.

You’ll be crazy knowing how much this promotion on JvZoo pays off. Earn up to 50%-75% of the sell price. That means, for every $100 priced software sale, you put $50-$75 in your pocket!

What? Surprised?

There is still more surprises. Let’s suppose, you made a very legit marketing move, then those fat digits won’t take longer than 6 months to come in your bank account. What else? Get, set, go!

16.  Sell Your E-mail List as Solo

I bet you’ll find following term as quite an interesting way of earning online. Prime condition for this is you must have contact with a big range of people through their e-mail. In broader sense, you must own a big e-mail list. Certainly, people trust you with their e-mail id when they expect something good from you. They are your loyal follower base.

The question is how you use this loyal follower base for income?

1st method, it involves generating sale of your own product or service. How you generate that? Simple! Promote them to your loyal follower base; use your e-mail list; send them link of your product. There goes your 1st way.

Now, focus on the second method. Simply, promote other’s product or service using you e-mail list. How? You saw many facebook ads regarding site marketing, right? Many of those say like 70% click ratio and blah blah. Brand yourself; let marketers know you own a huge e-mail list. They’ll hire you soon. Then, send your client’s links to e-mails in your list.

Wondering how does this work?

I’m coming up with an example. Suppose you are hired by a software company where software is sold at $100. If they 10 sales against your thousand e-mails, that means, they earned 10*$100=$500. Now, even if they pay you $100 for your marketing effort, they still got $400 revenue in their pocket. I’m sure you are clear now.

The payment is handsome enough. For every thousand e-mail, clients may pay you up to $100 or more. It’s upon your loyal followers. Sale occurs or not, show clients 70% clicks on link and the cash is yours.

Finally, never, I repeat never sell your list. Because, earning for many years is easily possible for you if you successfully maintain the trust of the people in your e-mail list.

Here are some links of marketplaces for such jobs.

Facebook Groups




17. Virtual Assistant

You know how massive the urgency of virtual assistant these days? That’s infinite.

Why is that?

Nowadays, people often let their tasks to be done by outsourcers. These tasks are mostly small. They do it to save time and meanwhile you get the opportunity to earn cash. There are market places where ads are posted for outsourcers.

The works are of infinite kinds. You can be told to work as a customer care agent or you may become a part time web site article publisher. Freelancers get huge amount of Photoshop and PowerPoint related jobs as well. It’s up to you. Assist for the job that suits you best.

I’m adding market places links for your convenience. Visit those must. I assure you’ll get a clearer picture.

Best place to get hired is UpWork.Com and Fiverr.Com. These websites will give you options to negotiate with your clients directly.

18. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

You think you’re a good writer? If yes, then here is some stunning news for you. Ever heard of Amazon kindle direct publishing? I’ll be clear. Kdp.amazon.com is a famous platform which provides digital books for kindle reader application. In USA and other 1st world country, people rapidly install and use this application in their mobile, tabloid, ibook etc.

I bet you’ll be astonished to see the giant set up of Amazon for digital books which they did because, among every 10 Americans 8 people visit Amazon for books on a daily basis. And guess what? They encourage, eventually force their kids to visit and read books from Amazon. Their kids search, buy and download books regarding their interest every day.

Not just kids, there’re books available on Amazon for everyone including women, business persons, marketers, sportsman, parents. Price ranges are divided in 2. First range is $.99-infinity. In this case, Amazon keeps 75% of sale and the rest goes to seller. Second range is $2.99-$9.99. Seller keeps 75% of sale here.

Need suggestion about what you should write?

Don’t get twisted; think simply; go with real life scenarios; focus on the problems people face daily and provide solution to them. Food recipe, baby care, baby gear, exercise, health tips, meditation; choose anything you are expert on; type minimum five thousand words on that particular topic and publish them.

Now, listen man, don’t forget to be informative. Cause you certainly don’t want any bad reviews. Here in Amazon, reviews matter most. Ask my opinion, I’ll tell you to initially give away some of your copies for free. If two hundred people download and read your book and ten of them rate you 4.5 in averages on a scale of 5, then that will be a good marketing for your book.

Take one more suggestion. Never stop after writing one book. Write at least 10 books on one topic rapidly. Take time; publish on a monthly basis; keep promoting through facebook and other Medias. For better marketing, convince bloggers of similar topics to your book to add link your book in their article. Bargain and get in a deal with them.

Emphasize more on marketing and good reviews. Soon your purchase ratio will rise higher. Marketing is a vital factor for this. Visit these links below to learn about more marketing ideas.

19. Amazon Review Writing

You ever wondered, why people write review on Amazon! What good does it do for them? Do they do it free?

Nothing is for free, man. Their reviews aren’t too. For every legit and convincing review, these writers get to put some attractive amount of cash in their pocket. With some fantastic skill over English language and vast knowledge on product quality, you too can be one of them.

Every country in which Amazon’s services reach, there are at least ten thousands review writers. Amazon rates their reviews by stars. You can start by your Amazon account. Keep putting reviews on unless you get noticed by companies. If your reviews are sensational enough, you are bound to get noticed.

Suppose, you posted review for a company’s body building supplements which got great response. When some other supplement company will put their product on Amazon, they will urge for good reviewer. They will hire you.


It’s a lengthy process. Want quick cash? Then this job isn’t for you. This is fruitful only when you are capable of performing constantly and being patient. Good luck.

20. Graphic Designing

The above term is already known too you. What you may not know is how incredible the amount of work is present online for it. For starter, I say, choose Photoshop illustrator or alike.

Let’s suppose you aren’t an expert. You need training. Simply go through YouTube tutorials. There are also people who offer paid courses online. You can take them or get free videos from torrents. Tutorial of Skill Share and other sites can be very useful for you.

Once you understand the basic structure of designing, you have to go into online market places. Fiverr.com is a popular one. For start, I suggest you start by logo designing. Then gradually keep moving on to site design, info graphic design, photo illustrating, cartoon, animation etc. The more you work, the more learn and be capable of.

There are huge amount of clients offering these jobs all time and I’m assuring you these market is only starting to get bulkier. There is no end of it. You keep up the good work; a very good career waits ahead for you.

I you had your mind set by now, then these links of tutorials and market places I’m adding below are going to be very much helpful for you. Have a visit to each for sure. See yourself.

21. Survey Sites

Following is an easy and suitable way for earning online; especially for women. Every second, there’re many surveys going on somewhere. Instead of surveying through face to face interviews, surveyors decide to put links online where people can pin their opinions.

Topics of these surveys include almost everything. Social, political, sports, entertainment; everything remains subject to survey these days.

There’re many of these sites where you can find links for surveys provided by clients. All you got to do is, you take the links from them and do a sort of little marketing effort. Such as, posting the link in social sites where many people gathers and possibly enters the link; or also you can send them by e-mail, messages or post them to related groups etc.

For each response on your link, you earn money. The payment for these is also very handsome. From $.6 to $5 can easily be earned. PayPal is very popular among the Americans for payment of these jobs.

22. Earn through Facebook Marketing

The method abover is a very attractive opportunity for facebook users nowadays. You can do it mainly in two ways.

First way is very neat but lengthy. Own a fan base for whom you are a very good influencer. Suppose, you are a specialist in men’s fashion trend and you’ve a great deal of fan base that follows you. Big businesses always search for your type of guy whenever they launch new products. If Nike is launching a new shoe, they’ll contact you to influence your fans to buy that shoe.

Now, what you do? Either make a video reviewing that shoe or just advertise the link on your page or group. Either way, you earn. There goes the organic way.

Let’s look at the second way or paid way. Use facebook groups, pages and other websites for paid marketing. The more you pay the more traffic you get on your page, site or group. Then you can sell them your product or you may offer one to one sessions charging money.

See? It’s easy. And this doesn’t go only for style or fashion business. Chances are lying also in other sectors for you to grab. Just get on with what you are good at.

23. Earn through Developing Websites

Are you a coder? Or interested in coding? But haven’t started thinking how it’ll pay you off? If yes, focus on my words very carefully. You know of course, there are many market places online these days where clients continuously search for coders to develop their site. Why don’t you offer them the service? The payment is good, required work hour is very short. So! Why not?

Wondering about how to begin, right?

There are various coding languages. Before choosing any of them, first, find out for which language, there are more works in market. Second, choose the one you can learn easily. The one that after which is more customers is the one with more value. Choose that must.

I’m giving you an elaboration on the fact. Woocommerce has many clients nowadays. You can go for it. But big fishes in market are always after Magento. You can go for that too. But before, be sure which is perfect for you. Also there are options for prestashop, shopify is always open for you.

Shopify can be proven real helpful to clients. That’s because it has many pre-built custom options available for you and no coding is required either. If you are intend to build website all by yourself, go for wordpress.

Want to know my personal suggestion for you?

If I were you, I’d definitely go for woocommerce and wordpress. Its cause woocommerce is very easy and if you even face problem, there are plenty of tutorials in video and text are available online. Visit the links I’ve added below this article.

At last, take my suggestion; develop good knowledge and skill on woocomerce and wordpress; bid on the marketplaces for work; get hired. I’m certain, you won’t complain about the payment. Besides, you can do it side by side your other job whenever you have spare time. Go through the marketplace and tutorial links below for better view of the fact. Good Luck.

24. Earn through Lead Generation

This a very easy online job from which you can possibly earn up to $600 per month. From the name of it, you can guess what you’ve to do. Here, you collect information about people and send it to your client. You are wondering, what type of information! Not that intense obviously. Information may include age, profession, choice, opinion, contact, address, e-mail etc.

Now, I’ll explain how this process works through a simple example. Let’s suppose there is a company which manufactures sports wears. They sure want to market their product to the right people in order to boost their sale. For that, they want to target football clubs.

That is when they hire you. Your job is to find those employees of football clubs and provide their info to that particular company.

Where should you look at?

The answer is LinkedIn. Most of your target people have account in it. If you have a normal account, this may not go well for you. You got to own a premium account to get all the information of your target people.

This job is very easy. But this may get lengthy from time to time. Since, women are believed to be more patient than men, this job can be best for you if you are a women. You can earn $1-$3 for per details. So, if you do 10 in one day, it’s $20 in your pocket daily. That makes $600 monthly. Obviously, you can do far more than that.

You don’t need to take any course for learning this. YouTube tutorials are enough. Below are some links of tutorials and marketplaces you must visit before starting.

25. Earn through Outreach to Bloggers

This form of online earning requires particular expertise. If you are good at convincing people and you own a website, then it can serve you greatly. Now, what’re you required to do? Before telling that, I’m elaborating some related facts for your better understanding.

Whenever a site is created, it needs marketing so it can climb to top of search engine’s choice. Which result in incoming of more viewers, eventually more revenue, isn’t it?

Suppose Mr. X is owner of a site. There’re many other sites which carry similar articles just like him. For his own site’s marketing, he asks those other similar blog-owners to add his article’s links with theirs. Google likes this linking. Cause, Mr. X’s links are being shown on many sites now. So, whenever a related search is pinned, his sites are being shown on the first row. I think now you understood how outreach works. But what is your opportunity here?

To contact similar blog owners/content managers, Mr. X needs their name, e-mail, contact etc. This is a job requiring patience, time and expertise which Mr. X may not have. So, he hires you. You collect the lead and send them mails for adding your client’s link.

This is a highly paid service. You are paid for every e-mail or back-link. For further instructions and tutorials, go through these YouTube links below.

26. Earn through Marketing Services

Do you own good knowledge on digital marketing? But haven’t gone for something big yet?  If your answer is yes, then this content may change your view towards online earning forever. Become a proprietor instead of freelancer.

You know, there are many marketing services available for promoting websites nowadays. Hiring one by one for each job is very time consuming and costly for the owners. So, they obviously want to have all those at once ready-made. Big fishes in the market places are crazy for these ready-mades.

Yeah! That is your opportunity to grab. What if you put together at least 10 of these services  including forum posting, e-mail outreach, broken link building, question-answer sites etc and offer it to clients through your website? People will go crazy seeing this if you provide result-oriented service and stand by your reputation.

How to start, right?

Just build your own agency; run it through your website; hire people when you are shorthanded. Obviously you can’t do all the work yourself. Make clear disclosure about per job payment to your employees.

Now, about the payment! Clearly, you are getting more work in this way. The payment will also be more for sure. You can earn $5k-$15k per month easily. The best part of it is you can always sell your business after a while at minimum 50 times to 400 times of your cost. This is often happening nowadays. Amazing, isn’t it?

27. Selling Mobile Apps

This is a very effective online earning method for coders. Don’t get panicked already. You don’t have to be some 1st class coder or something. Standard skillful people are just perfect for this job.

How you sell apps?

Before that, at first, you got to decide what type of application you’ll develop; for which OS it’ll be and last but not the least, which coding structure you’ll use.

Personally, if I were you, I’d go for i-OS. Because there are switch coding structure which is pretty easy and also they have many pre-built coding that spares you from writing more codes like for other OS.

Come up with a unique idea, develop application on that and tag it in Google play store, i-store etc. If your application is unique, useful and attractive enough, people will download it for sure. The more they use it, the more you earn.

Successfully develop few applications and keep upgrading them; it’s possible you can easily earn $1000 monthly. Also there are always chances open that clients from marketplaces hire you for making application as per their demand. Again, the payment is very satisfactory in this case too. Good luck my friend!

28. Transcribe for Others

From the name you are assuming, your job here is transcribing languages from one to another. Is it easy or tough? Answer entirely depends upon your knowledge on particular languages. Don’t avoid this article if you are bilingual.

I’ll elaborate the fact with a simple example of my friend. He used to freelance and transcribe for others in different marketplaces. After a while, he acknowledged the vast amount of work flowing over the net. So, he decided to develop his own site where people can take his service from. Now, his site reached popularity. He has many employees working for him.

Though, there are tons of works of this sort. Yet, you must go find where your potential clients hangout. Reach them, market your service, and prove to them why you are the best and who knows? Many of them will hire you. As I said, there are tons of works in this field.

For your convenience, I’m attaching some links of how my friend promoted his site, the marketplaces, caseterita below. Visit these for better understating.

29. Proofreading

If you carry good knowledge on languages, mostly English, then proofreading is an easy job for your spare time which fills your pocket pretty good. This gets even easier if you’re native speaker or writer.

1st point, who are your clients?

Your clients are mainly article writers. These clients will hire you for checking on spelling, grammatical and sentence making mistakes in their articles. You use your language skill to correct their mistakes and complete those incomplete articles.

2nd point, How you hunt them (clients) down?

You got to find out where such clients hangout. Spot them in social Medias, groups, pages, sites and reach their attention. There are also certain links I’m providing below the article that tells you how successful service providers of this area secured their places in the market.

Wondering about payment?

Payment for proofreading is quite handsome in 1st world. In USA, it is often around $5. But it varies among other countries. Though, the amount remains uncertain, I can strongly assure you the payment is satisfactory compared to labor.

Now, if you are thinking about starting, my last suggestion will be go through market places and initiate in a limited amount. After securing good reputation among clients, go for higher picture. Hire your own employees; earn commission per job. That is even more beneficial.

For your convenience, I’m tagging some market place links below. Visit them must.

30. Video Editing

This feature has replaced image marketing and became the future of marketing recently. The platform for this is huge. There’re tremendous opportunities lurking inside face book, you tube, Instagram etc they emphasize more and more on video nowadays. So, it’s clear like water that there’re tons of works related to this field.

My first instruction for you, own a powerful pc.

Second, you must be skillful and professional enough to earn from this field. If you ask me, I’ll tell you to start editing with apple imovie which is easier and end by final cut pro. But for windows users, starting with camtacia and ending by adobe premiere will be effective.

Finally, keep consistency of good work. Client will come running to you. I’m confident; I’ve shown you a basic view of the total picture of the field. But yet, visit these market place, application and tutorial links below for better idea.

31. Resume or Cover Letter writing

You surely know, whenever any company needs to recruit new employee, they ask potential candidates to send in their CV. So, everyone who aims to be a jobholder, they must own a lucrative CV.

But in reality, very few people are capable of making a good CV. It requires certain expertise along with well proficiency in English language which most people don’t have. So, they hire expert people to write their CV for them.

If you think you have well developed knowledge and expertise on this field; you can uphold one’s CV with a clear view and smart look along with some catchy words, then you shouldn’t wait any longer.

At first, go, search for audiences, start with little jobs, gradually build a convincing portfolio and continuously keep branding your service through either your site or LinkedIn account.

Worrying about payment?

Don’t. This is a highly paid job. The higher your expertise the higher you’re earning. You don’t need any especial courses to begin with. YouTube tutorials and Google are enough.

32. Get Paid Selling Presentations

Are you excellent at making classy presentation?

If you are, then you can earn huge amount like $100 just by a few hours labor. Its possible cause selling presentation is highly valued nowadays.

What you need?

Be an expert on power point and making presentation. Upgrade your skill by adding in eye-catching animations in the slides. Construct the slide is such a classy way that people get bound to admire your work. Some resourceful links of tutorial to help you with that are tagged below.

How you get job?

Many people are weak at making presentation or they may not have time for it. So, they pin the job in online market places. Grab the offer suitable for you. Your clients can be officials, university students, contractors etc. They provide you research documents and you build slides on those. How easy can it be if you are good at PowerPoint applications?

Some links for market places are tagged below.

33. Get Paid Selling Research Papers

It’s a very famous job among students. And the main clients for such job are also foreign students.

Are you an expert in researching and preparing reports? 

If you’ve that quality and patience in you, then you are the right person for this field. Prove your excellence and getting these works becomes easier. Many online websites are oriented to such jobs. Get in Academia, Slide Share etc websites; upload your work; offer your service there; brand your work and get hired.

Besides, look into upwork.com and fiberr.com too. You’ll find plenty of jobs there. Some more sites are available online where research papers are directly available. You can also submit your readymade research on those sites and get paid whenever someone buys it.

It’s a very interesting and well paid job. Why don’t you start making your portfolio from right now?

Some Sites:



34. Earn Money through YouTube

YouTube channels are very powerful and effective medium for earning. If you are on to it, I suggest you avoid making any random, unacceptable or poor quality video. Be sure from the start, what you are doing. In this case, 2 methods are proven useful. Either influence the audience for following you or uphold a brand.

You’ll understand it better with an example. Suppose you are a mother/father of an infant. For sure, you’ve vast knowledge about kid’s care, food, nutrition, gears etc. Use your expertise. Start a YouTube channel; make 1-2 minutes videos regarding different facts about baby gears or nutrition. Then put it on YouTube and observe the response. Know what audiences want. Develop next act upon their demand. If you have potential, soon you’ll be followed by many undoubtedly.

Now, question remains, how do you earn?

The more you get followed on your channel, the more you earn. Make a video reviewing baby carrier or diaper or gears of a particular company. Tag their product links with your videos. For every sale, you earn commission.

On the other hand, when you own a big fan base, many companies will hire you for making their product’s review and post it on your YouTube channel. They pay you for the video. Not to mention, the payment is very handsome.

Besides, other than factors regarding babies, you can also make video about other fields or life hacks. Maybe try Amazon affiliation too. Do what you are good at. There are so many scopes such as sports, fashion, exercise, lifestyle, science etc. Go with the matter you are confident on.

Video Quality!

Never, I repeat never post a poor video. Be sure to make high quality video with unique idea and presentation when you are presenting yourself. In case of slides, add eye-catching animations and other applications for decorating your video.

That’s all information I’m providing you right now. Go through the links I tagged below. Those will help you understand the strategies of successful You Tubers.

YouTube for Beginners- Go Like a Pro.

A Million Subs In A Year: YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO

Youtube SEO :How TO Rank #1 On YouTube in 2018

Facebook Group


35. Earn Money through Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a very famous platform among bloggers. Previously, earning by advertising through this Google platform was easier. But now, Google became stricter and everything requires legit procedure. So, achieving revenue is not remaining as easy as before. Yet, it’s very profitable way from which after a certain time and labor you can go on earning money doing nothing.

I’m going to start by answering the question, how you begin?

First, open an account in Google Adsense. It’ll verify your site’s traffic, article’s quality, authority level etc. If the factors are satisfactory, Adsense approves your site. Here goes approval part. Next is advertisement part.

Second, design the color, size and other criteria of ads from companies that you’ll post on your site. After finalizing the design, Adsense provides you a code. Put that code on your article. The ad will be shown whenever an audience read your article.

For example, on one of your article about baby gears, you posted a baby-carrier’s ad of a particular company. A reader is reading that. If he/she clicks on the ad to see the product, you’ll earn money. The more they click the more you earn. So, to generate profit more, you need traffic more.

How to attract traffic?

As discussed in earlier contents, your articles have to be good enough. Only then, people read them. Thus, good quality articles will attract more traffic. Besides, keep adding back links; keep marketing your site continuously unless it reaches top ranking. When it’s done, money will come to you without moving your fingers.

Here is some resource links tagged below for you to check.

Ultimate Autopilot Google Adsense Method – Free Traffic 2018

arn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google Adsense

36. Be an Uber Driver

You surely know about Uber. You ever considered being an Uber driver. Why should you? I’m telling you why. You get to choose your work time. It’s flexible, right? Aside from that, you earn instant money which leaves you with quick cash too.

How you began?

Process is well-known to everyone. Yet, I’m briefing it in simple. Own a car. Sign up in Uber. Install their application in your mobile. Give ride to people you get call from. The cash you get after Uber’s claim is quite satisfactory.

It’s simple and easy for people interested in earning extra cash in spare time. There’s rating system on scale of 5 for both passenger and driver which restrain both from being unusual.

Overall, it’s a famous job in first world countries such as USA, UK, Canada etc and people are being beneficial by this. Why won’t you be?

37. Sell Baked Goods Easily

Are you good at baking delicious foods? Love cooking?

Let’s suppose you are and you do. Then, this’ll bring quite an opportunity for you. Why don’t you consider selling your foods online?

If you are taking serious thought into this, focus on branding then. The very first people get to know about it and become your customers are your neighbors. Again, listen to my words very carefully. You got to put equal emphasize on both your cooking and packaging.

Why packaging?

Simple, it’s one of the prime factors that uphold your brand. Make sure you tag the level cozy and eye-catching. Market it on social media. By the help of some well structured marketing effort, you’ll easily secure place in your potential customer’s mind in no time.

This job is proven very effective for stay at home women. If you are a woman who is in need of some income and you are reading this, this can be just your way to stand up. Good Luck!

Some Resources:

How to Earn Money Selling Your Treats Over the Holidays

How to Start a Home Based Baking Business

38. Watch Other People’s Kids along with Your Owns

Nowadays, working moms are in dead need of trustworthy babysitters. If you are a housewife and stay at home mother, you are in top of their choice-list for babysitting their kids while they are out.

Just imagine! You’re earning money by raising other kids side by side with yours just by being in your own house. This can become your very best home-based earning source. But first, reach those working moms; market yourself, even circulate your whole neighborhood with posters if needed; continuously brand your quality and knowledge about kids; convince them to trust you with their kids. Do it and undoubtedly, you’ll be hired as a nanny!

The payment for such services is outstanding. Earn a good reputation among working mothers, your revenue will keep raising.

The 9 Best Babysitting Apps for Finding Somebody to Watch Your Kid

39. Earn Money through Craigslist

Can you name a website, where nothing is impossible? Where you can earn money by doing almost anything? Yes/no? Whatever, my friend! Let’s talk about Craigslist, an incredibly famous site which has enhanced tremendous opportunities and possibilities of making money online.

The reason behind its tremendous fame is availability of everything in one single site. That means huge traffic is always roaming there. That’s your chance to offer your service.  Suppose, you are a carpenter, offer your service in craigslist. Even sell your old furniture and clothe, EVERYTHING, what not?

How to begin, right?

Very simple! Open an account in craigslist. Get your service listed. Publish your expertise; advertise; continuously promote it. Huge traffic of Craigslist does the rest for you.

Don’t get tensed about income. I’m certain if you put in good effort, you’ll earn good money.

40. Earn Money Helping People Learning Languages

Suppose you are a huge fan of Japanese Anime. You are so crazy for it that you even learned Japanese language. Or, are you a bilingual? Then, what I’m telling you next will start shivering you in excitement. Your hobby will fairly pay you off with a fat amount. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now you began wondering, how?

Easy! Help people learn language online. Publish your language proficiency in detail on websites; catch people’s attention and get hired. This is another highly paid online job. You can charge minimum $10 hourly. Increase the amount along with growth of your reputation.

Wondering where’ll you offer your service, right?

Fiverr.com, upwork.com, Craigslist, YouTube, Skype community etc all of them are your open platforms. Trust me, there are huge clients for you and the field isn’t limited only in Japanese language. Honestly, millions of people are searching online for help to learn different language. You can even get client interested to learn your native language. Mind blowing, isn’t it?

You can help them through video sessions. Or go for instant messaging and chat. Choose whatever convenient. There are also some individual market places or websites which specifically serve this particular purpose. Below are some links. Why don’t you go, check them?

41. Make Money via Instagram

Who doesn’t know about instagram? This popular social networking site is proven as an effective online earning platform for past few years. Its nature is different from facebook. How? Suppose you have fifty thousand followers in instagram. That means, everything you post here reaches to every one of your followers unlike facebook. There’re some rules in instagram such as your video should be within a minute and posts are to be within 800*800 in length and width.

Now, focus to how you make money via instagram. I’m giving you a broader picture through a real life example.

Way 1, suppose you are a bodybuilder or fitness trainer. Certainly, you own vast knowledge on bodybuilding and supplements. Meanwhile in instagram, you own over 10k followers. You influence them pretty good. That is what marketers like most.

Keep sharing tips, videos, suggestions through your instagram account; get listed in the market place where the marketers of your expertise hangout. When they find you are popular on instagram; large amount of people reacts on your every post; they’ll surely go crazy to hire you.

Thinking about the payment, huh?

I personally find the payment very handsome. Earn $50-$100 for 24 hours or 1 day. Payment will be double if they hire you for 2 days. Bargain for a good pay; it’s up to you and your fame.

Second way is more profitable. If you follow this, your revenue will reach many times compared to 1st way.

Instead of promoting other’s product, sell your owns. Import from China and sell it in America or elsewhere. Do your product marketing via instagram; make videos reviewing the product; tag your website links. Rest is upon your followers. After getting orders, you pack them and send to their address.

If marketers can do this, why can’t you? This doesn’t cause much trouble. Besides, revenue gets many times higher when you sell own product.

In the end, I’m giving you one final suggestion which you must follow. Keep your strategy right from the start; always promote yourself, your expertise; successfully maintain a positive popularity. Soon, marketers will run crazy for you.

Go through these links below for further help. My good wishes are with you.

57 Influencer Marketing Platforms Connecting Brands To Content Creators

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