Merger Fact Sheet

How does this affect the Inwood House programs?

Inwood House programs are now part of “Inwood House at The Children’s Village,” a separate division that retains the IH brand and expertise in pregnancy prevention and pregnant and parenting teen care.

Inwood House sold the Teen Family Learning Center at 82nd Street in 2015. The young moms and their babies moved to either family foster care or one of two town houses in Queens. The girls report that the move makes them feel more independent and part of their community.

The Children’s Village built a ten story building in Harlem, with the top two floors housing 12 studio apartments for youth aging out of foster care. These top two floors are the new “Inwood House” in Manhattan.

Inwood House programs continue to grow. Our Crisis Center moved into a larger site last spring that doubles the number of children we serve. And, at the request of the Department of Education, we increased the number of students we serve through our Teen Choice Program last September.

What are the advantages of the merger?

The Children’s Village is a well-respected, recognized, and financially stable organization with resources that will enhance and grow Inwood House programs.

Merging back-office functions such as human resources, finance, operations, and fundraising will not only save both organizations considerable funds but will also allow Inwood House to take advantage of modern, streamlined systems that were not practical for a smaller organization.

The organizations are remarkably similar in focus, providing an opportunity to learn from each other and provide more comprehensive services for children, teens, and families. Both have served New York City’s families since the 1800s, both work with teens to overcome the challenges of growing up in poverty, and both focus on keeping children safe and families together.

Will the Inwood House Board continue to be involved?

Inwood House trustees Katrina Dudley and Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham joined The Children’s Village Board in 2016 and an additional Inwood House trustee will join The Children’s Village Board this year.

The Inwood House Corporate Advisory Board is continuing to support both Inwood House and Children’s Village programs.

Will Inwood House still have its signature events?

Yes! Inwood House and The Children’s Village will have a joint gala on April 27. Inwood House’s annual luncheon will be held on March 2 at the Yale Club.

Can I still support Inwood House programs?

Absolutely! You can designate your donations specifically to Inwood House programs.

Where can I learn more about The Children’s Village?

For more information, visit

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