Best Baby Walker Brands

Baby walkers play a crucial role during your child’s early development stages. They allow the baby to stay upright and maneuver around without assistance and they help strengthen your baby’s lower legs.

A baby walker may seem simple -a seat with a wheeled frame -but the fact is, not all baby walkers are the same. There is a major difference between the best and worst brands.

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As a parent, you want a baby walker that is safe for your baby. In fact, one of the warnings given by the American Academy of Paediatrics for parents who are thinking of getting baby walkers is that some can be dangerous, especially when the child is left unattended.

This is why you need to go an extra step to acquire a baby walker that is durable enough, comfortable, and provides value for money. Having been reviewing baby walkers for a while, we’ve come across many brands, and we’ve had the chance to test most of them.

Below is our list of the top baby walker brands currently in the market. The brands we’ve listed here can be relied upon for providing walkers with the best frames, comfortable seats, and durable wheels. Without further ado, check out our list of the best baby walker brands currently in the market.

Safety 1st Baby Walkers

Safety 1st is a renown brand when it comes to safety items for the baby. They specialize in a variety of items including child locks for your appliances and cupboards. They also make baby walkers and car seats for the baby.

The best thing about Safety 1st is that they are all about creating items that comply with the highest safety standards. Their baby walker seats are heavily padded to keep your child comfortable while using it. The frame is sturdy, and the front area is usually large to allow your kid to dine without leaving his or her favorite baby walker.

To keep your child entertained, these baby walkers come with lights, playful sounds, and more. The Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker range features dinosaur-themed toys that help your child learn a lot. This range is one of the most popular in online stores.


Kolcraft offers medium-priced walkers that can be used as seated activity walkers and walk-behind walkers. The best part about this idea is that it allows your child to use the walker for a much longer time than normal wakers.

Kolcraft walkers usually have an adjustable seat pad that allows you to position your baby to the most comfortable height for safety. There are fun toys included to help your child have more fun and developmental abilities. The toys are machine washable and can be folded easily for storage which is great, especially in places with limited space.


Joovy baby walkers are renown to adopt a simplistic approach while offering better functionality. Although you will have to pay slightly more for baby walkers from this brand, you will definitely enjoy durable and functional products that offer real value for money.
These baby walkers come with a comfortable seat pad and a dishwasher-safe insert which is perfect for your baby’s snack time. They can be adjusted to your preferred height while the stair pads are non-slip.

If you are worried about toys that may end up causing more damage than good to your baby, then go with the simple Joovy baby walkers. You’ll not only love their simplistic nature but also the level of comfort they have added to their seats.

Baby Einstein

These baby walkers have an intent of helping parents discover the next Einstein! While they are comfortable and with a wide base, their main highlight is the wide range of creative toys and games. From sea creatures to beautifully designed shaped, this baby walker will certainly entertain and educate your baby.

According to the manufacturer, Baby Einstein baby walkers encourage your baby’s independent adventure seeking spirit. They have a nautical toy station that can be removed when not in use or for floor use. When turned on, the steering wheel can be used to activate lights and ocean sounds that your kid will love.


VTech baby walkers will certainly delight your kid on the first look. They come laden with toys and beautiful shaped that will catch your little one’s attention. Their products range from Sit-to-Stand walkers to normal baby walkers.
The best part about VTech is that they have a wide range of baby walkers that you can select from. Their walkers can be converted to Sit-to-Stand walkers that enable you to use them for a longer time. They are also priced fairly compared to other top brands.


Fisher-Price focuses on Sit-to-Stand walkers, among other toys that are designed to help your child’s development. These toys are creatively designed to impress your kid while providing the necessary stability required.

These toys are made from quality materials and are perfect for kids who are learning to walk and those who have learned to walk but would benefit more from walking these toys around. Their walkers are easy to wash and easy to store.

When shopping for a baby walker, these are some of the best brands that you can get in the market. Some of them come with impressive features such as lights and toys while some are simple and only focus on helping your child learn to walk. Even for these simple walkers, you can just get toys for your kid to play with on the tray.

Make sure to consider your baby’s preferences whenever you are shopping for a baby walker. Our guide on the best baby walker brands has focused on those that have the strongest frames and are comfortable enough. It is up to you to consider your priorities, budget, and your baby’s needs before you select the best baby walker from these brands. Hopefully, this tutorial has come in handy in your bid to ensure that your kid gets a baby walker that is good enough.

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