Baby Stroller Repair Location Guide

If you have an infant or a toddler, then there are high chances that you own a stroller, or maybe two or even three! With a young child, then it goes without saying that your baby stroller gets plenty of wear and tear from using it through muddy packs, rainstorms, snowy streets, across potholes, and up and downs endless staircases. Besides, baby strollers usually end up adding up as a diaper changing table when strapped, a grocery cart, and even a coat rack.

While the design of most heavy-duty strollers enables them to effectively withstand extensive abuse, it is inevitable that they will eventually break after excessive use. Are you ready to get rid of that $2,000 stroller simply because the tire popped off or the frame bent? We both know that the answer is a bold NO!

For simple repairs to damages like a blown tire, you should consider going to your local bike repair shop (most are suited to handle all minor fixes and they could even stock other small parts like a standard stroller-size inner tube). However, if you are looking for more advanced help with your stroller, there are several baby stroller repair services that focus on all sorts of stroller repair that will enable your family to get rolling again.

Depending on the type of repair that you need and the stroller brand, you might not have to resort to shipping the stroller back to the manufacturer. If you have a flat tire, bent frame, or any other simple issue with your stroller, you should consider seeking the help of a bike shop.

Below are some of the leading stroller repair shops based on your location:

Albee Baby (Upper West Side)

The address for Albee Baby is 715 Amsterdam Avenue at 95th Street. This clothing and gear store is family owned and has been in operation for a very long time since 1933. The good thing is that no appointment is necessary for you to have any stroller repair or fixes.
The company does most of the stroller fixes on site immediately you present your need (unless there is a need for the company to ship a special part).

One of the downsides about Albee is that they do not offer their clients with loans while you leave your stroller in the shop.

Heights Kids in Brooklyn Heights

The Heights Kids has its address at 85 Pine 85 Pineapple Walk near Henry Street. This shop comprises of a large boutique that holds a wide range of children and baby’s items. Besides, the Heights Kids is an authorized McLaren repair center that has been doing well for a very long time since its opening in 2014.
The staff has great experience in handling minor fixes on almost all stroller brands, as long as there is no need for the replacement or ordering of major parts. The key thing to remember: no appointment is necessary.

Stroller Spa in Brooklyn and Manhattan

The Stroller Spa shop came at the perfect time after the closure of the Cobble Hill shop. This national service now acts as a substitute for all necessary stroller repair services for families based in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

This stroller repair shop has a major focus on stroller cleaning, rust removal, tire and brake repair. All the same, they also provide services in upholstery and fabric mending and handlebar foam re-wrap.

The Tot Squad in Manhattan

The Tot Squad (initially referred to as the CleanBeeBaby) is a mobile cleaning service that offers its services in a wide range of locations with a specific specialization in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
The Company is especially well known for their particular focus on Bugaboo stroller brands. However, the staff also specialize in other stroller brands, and you have the guarantee of receiving high-quality and exceptional services regardless of the stroller need presented.

Furthermore, the Tot Squad provides varying levels of service that aim at serving people from all kinds of life. You no longer have to worry about the services infringing into your budget.

Roscoe Village Bikes

Located 2016 W Roscoe St. Chicago, IL 60618 b/t Damen Ave & Seeley Ave Roscoe Village, Roscoe Village Bikes is a shop that deals in bike sales. The shop is also a great option to consider when looking for a baby stroller repair shop.

Rudy’s Cycle and Fitness

The location of Rudy is at 5711 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60634 b/t Major Ave and Mango Avenue Portage Park. Consult them today for exceptional and professional service that you will love.

Galt Toys + Galt Baby

Galt Toys is at 1915 N Clybourn Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 b/t Kenmore Avenue and Clifton Avenue DePaul, Lincoln Park. This repair shop provides unique and innovative stroller parts and it is great if you need to part replacement.

West Town Bikes

The address of West Town Bikes is 2459 W Division St. Chicago, IL 60622 b/t Campbell Avenue and Artesian Avenue West Town, Humboldt Park. It is yet another great baby stroller repair shop that even provides repair lessons for the clients!

On The Route Bicycles

The address of on the Route Bicycle is at 2338 W Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60625 b/t Claremont Ave and Lincoln Ave Ravenswood, Lincoln Square. This shop focuses on the repair and renting of bikes and strollers. The good thing is that the staff has experience in dealing in all stroller makes and models.

Bucephalus Bikes

Bucephalus Bikes is at 1424 Lake St. Evanston, IL 60201 b/t Ashland Ave & Wesley Ave. The shop deals in bicycle and stroller maintenance and repair of all kinds.

Heritage Bicycles General Store

The address is at 2959 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 b/t Southport Ave & George St.
Lakeview. This shop is famous because of its incredible coffee. All the same, it is a known fact that Heritage Bicycles have the best stroller and bike mechanics that you will find in Chicago.

You no longer have to ship your stroller back to the manufacturer any time you experience simple damages and minor fixes such as a bent frame or blown tire. As you can see from this review, there are several stroller shops that have all the necessary expertise in the repair of minor (and even major) stroller repairs. The shops are so many and we could not exhaust the list in a single review.

The shops listed are some of the best that you can get depending on your location. It is important that you do some extensive research before settling on a given repair shop. A good stroller repair shop should also be in a position to detect other upcoming problems and fix them before they happen.
All the best in your stroller repair!

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