Many parents struggle to find the right products for their kids. That’s why Brittany started InWoodHouse: to help parents quickly identify the right products, and not waste time and money on useless options.

The Problems Brittany Miller Parents Face in Finding the Right Baby Products

Having extensive experience in retail business and spending many years interacting with multiple parents, Brittany realized that they often spend tons of cash trying out different products and, eventually giving up, settle on one that barely does the job.

Manufacturers and retailers use so much marketing hype that it’s hard for parents to identify what particular products can or cannot do.

For a long time, there’s been a need for an unbiased and critical review of baby gear, to identify the best.

The Solution – In Wood House

Brittany set up In Wood House to give parents the most accurate, thoroughly researched and comprehensive information about baby products, so the very first product you buy is nothing but the very best.

Whether small or big, no single detail is left out in reviewing baby walkers, jumpers, convertible car seats, strollers and many other products. In Wood House takes a wholesome view, considering all critical aspects including safety, functionality, design, durability and numerous other features.

After going through our reviews, you’ll have no doubt as to exactly what product would work best for your baby and you.If you’re still in doubt, you can depend on In Wood House expert recommendations.

We Benefit When You Benefit

The focus of In Wood House is to ensure that parents always win:

  • No more wasting money on useless products.
  • No more experimenting on different products, treating your precious baby like a lab rat!
  • Review the top products all in one place.
  • Get detailed information on all critical aspects (safety, durability, utility...)
  • Zero marketing hype.
  • Completely unbiased reviews.

Get in Touch With Us

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