7 Worst Foods that Kids Should Avoid

Food is one of those things that defines how well your kid performs in his daily activities. Healthy foods help them maintain a sound health, and we know that the happiness of mind depends significantly on the health condition. Thus, the food habit of your kid has a significant effect on how his physique and mind develops with time.
Some foods are not bad for health when kids take them in moderation. But, if they have those foods on a regular basis, it will cause harm to their health. You should limit the consumption of those food items for your kids to maintain their good health.
Some of the significant problems of Americans include obesity, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc. and the most prominent cause behind of these health problems is their food habit. In fact, a kid can digest any amount of sugar in a day but, if they consume extra sugar every day, it starts creating potential threats that may or may not evolve at their early age.
So, concerned parents should take care of these facts to ensure a healthy life for their kids and reduce the chances of those life-threatening diseases in future. Here are 7 worst foods that kids should avoid-

French Fries

Many parents feed french fries to their kids on regular meals but they, indeed, are developing a very harmful habit within their kids. French fries are quite okay as long as kids take them in moderation, but the situation is opposite when it becomes a staple in their everyday menu. Not only french fries but also potato chips, fried chicken or any cheesy snack are unhealthy as a staple food.
Potato fries are rich in fat and sodium, thus, welcomes obesity. A great alternative to french fries or potato chips is the baked potato wedges which contain less fat. You can also replace regular potatoes with the sweet potatoes that offer comparatively more nutrients.

Granola Bars

You might wonder while reading this but unfortunately, granola bars are also on the list of restricted foods for your beloved kid. These bars are rich in calorie and lack almost all the necessary ingredients that help us stay healthy. The ones we see at the stores mostly focus on adults rather than kids and possess the shortage of essential nutrients. They are rich in sweeteners, food colors, marshmallows, etc. which makes a granola bar equivalent to two cookies.
However, the good news is- you can try homemade granola bars with whole grain cereal, honey, dates, coconut, peanut butter, and different types of dried fruits. It will not only make these bars healthy but also will free them from the harm of artificial ingredients.

Processed Meat

Processed meat like bologna, hot dog, etc. are on top of kid’s choice list, but they should avoid them as much as possible. Since these foods are high in sodium, nitrates, fats, and preservatives, kids may develop unexpected heart diseases, colon cancer at such an early age. Thus, parents should make a diet plan which will include an optimum amount of processed meat allowed for their kids on a weekly or monthly basis.


Who doesn’t love pizza? From adults to kids, everyone is literally in love with pizza! Cheesy and thin-crust pizza can be a great relief for the stomach after a long tiring day. But, the fact of ‘moderation’ goes for pizza as well.
The ingredients that are needed to make a pizza include extra fat which is the enemy of one’s waistline. Also, regular consumption of high-calorie foods like pizza can give birth to heart failure, high blood pressure, etc. Thus, when your kid has cravings for pizza, make one at home with lots of vegetables, low-fat cheese, and shredded chicken to satisfy his taste glands with an additional on the nutrition value.


Soda is one of the worst foods for kids as well as for adults. Only 40 ounce of soda contains 120 grams of sugar which are 5-6 times more than what a kid should consume on a daily basis. So, anyone can guess the threat soda pose to a kid’s health. Soda is the catalyst for a series of fatalities such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure, chest pain, etc. and also plays a lead role in damaging teeth.
Soda is something that supplies lots of calories with zero nutrients. It’s harmful in every possible way! So, you must maintain zero tolerance on soda for your kids and strictly limit its consumption for the betterment of your beloved’s health. You can go for all-natural fruit juices or even water instead of soda at meals.


Candies are favorite to all the kids due to their color, smell, and taste! Candies and lollipops are marketed in unique shapes and colors to become attractive to kids’ eyes. But, the artificial flavor and sweeteners are highly dangerous for their oral health. As candies and lollipops stay inside the mouth for a long time, it creates cavities and sometimes causes gum infection as well. Kids with dental braces or fillings should avoid candies to stay away from further damage to their teeth. Parents should remain alert to these facts all the time.

Macaroni & Cheese

This is a highly processed food with loads of sodium and fat with less amount of essential nutrients. Macaroni is undoubtedly a very yummy food, but it’s not good for our health. The cheese is full of harmful fats that is injurious to the heart. Kids, on regular consumption of this food, may face heart complexity even at their early age!
Thus, it’s better to cook macaroni or pasta at home rather than buying boxed macaroni and cheese from stores. Include fresh vegetables, black olive, full-cream milk, and low-fat cheese with pasta to make a healthy dish for your kid.

Food is not just something that gives us energy; it’s even more than that. It keeps us alive since the day we’re born until the day we die. Choosing the right food is of high importance as food habit speaks a lot about a person. They way your kid will grow also depends on what he/she eats every day. So, take food habits into severe consideration and avoid all the worst foods that have a hazardous effect on your kid.


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